File Description
PDF icon GIfMI_booking_manual_EN.pdf Detailed explanation on how to make a booking of one of the GIfMI facilities
PDF icon GIfMI_mock_mri_manual_full_EN.pdf Information and manual of the MRI Simulator of GIfMI
PDF icon GIfMI_mock_mri_manual_full_NL.pdf Informatie en handleiding van de MRI Simulator
PDF icon GIfMI_printing_protocols_EN.pdf Tutorial on exporting protocol parameters to a pdf file
PDF icon GIfMI_MRI user manual_BASIC_SiemensPrisma_EN.pdf This is an elaborate manual for user of the GIfMI facility. It deals with a lot of practicalities. This document will be updated frequently!
PDF icon GIfMI_PACS_QP REGISTRATION_EN.pdf Description of the procedure to create a QP identification number and to transfer date to the PACS system. Important for new studies!
PDF icon GIfMI_audio_systems_EN.pdf Description of the use of the available audio systems
PDF icon GIFMI_PACS_QP_registratie_NL.pdf Beschrijving van de procedure om een QP identificatienummer aan te maken en data te transfereren naar PACS systeem. Belangrijk voor nieuwe studies!